Gabbeh is a type of traditional hand knotted rug originating in Iran. Gabbeh means raw or natural in the Persian language. Gabbeh

Gabbehs are known for their high qualities of natural wools and colors. Wools are usually handspun and dyes are made from native plants. Gabbehs usually represent nature (animal, trees…) in very simple and geometric designs. Their solid and bright colors make them perfect for decoration in a modern room and their coarse quality makes them suitable for a busy environment like an office.

Gabbehs are thicker than most Persian rugs (about one inch thick) and they are much easier and faster to make compared to other finer Persian rugs. This reason and also the popularity of Gabbehs in the market have attracted competitors from other countries like India and Pakistan to this market. Gabbehs made in countries other than Iran might be competitive in price, but they don’t have the quality of Persian Gabbehs and this is due to the quality of wool and dye that is used.

There are other names for Gabbeh in different parts of Iran. Gava, Khersak and Luribaft are some examples.


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